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Member of global logistics networks, WCA and IGLN

Sea freight – general cargo

All Lines Logistics offers forwarding services for non-containerized cargo, delivered to and from Polish and West European ports by sea. In addition, we handle the organization of cargo transfers between third countries, omitting Polish ports, i.e. so-called cross-trade. Owing to our long cooperation with contractors at local ports and with the hinterland and our experience gained in this area, All Lines Logistics can offer streamlined shipping solutions for various types of unified cargo (pallets, bundles, big bags, etc.) as well as for non-unified cargo (sacks, chests, case barrels, steel products, machines, etc.). It is essential, before providing break-bulk cargo transport services, to work together with Clients already at the very early stages of planning deliveries, to prepare the most efficient option for the organization and costs of delivery, taking into consideration all the necessary links in the whole logistics chain.

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